WordPress Website Development

With over 2 decades experience in desktop publishing and over 14 years in web design and programming, I have worked both as a freelancer and with professional WordPress website builders and marketing teams to create custom content management systems using the WordPress platform. Contact me today to get started on your new website.

The WordPress Website Development Process

gearsStep 1: Understand your Requirements, Goals and Expectations
In order to identify the goals and expectations you have for your website, it is best to first set up one or more meetings with you. In this way your target audience can be determined, the current site evaluated (if applicable), and ultimately a website development strategy created that fits your needs and budget. The information you provide on the pre-quote form will be used to start this process.

Step 2: Design Mockup
Upon approval of the quote, the look and feel of your website will be developed. A clean, crisp user experience that loads fast and is easy to read and navigate is the primary focus for a successful website. Adobe Acrobat PDF files showing the basic appearance of 1 to 3 pages will be provided.

Step 3: Site Development and Implementation
Only after the look of your site is approved will the actual construction of working web pages begin. You will be provided with a link to a functional prototype of your site which you can use to test and monitor the progress as the site is built. Upon final approval of the prototype, your new website will ‘go live’ and be accessible via the internet.

The WordPress Content Management System

wordpressA complete site rebuild requires meeting new industry standards and compliance with newer browsers. In addition to the general layout of the site, current website programming will allow for your site to expand with your business and take advantage of current search engine optimization (SEO) techniques as well as compatibility with tablets and smart devices.

Since the ability to maintain and update your own site content is important, it is highly recommended that your new site be built using the Content Management System (“CMS”) called WordPress.

A CMS allows authorized site owners access from anywhere, from any computer with an internet connection, allowing you to keep information timely and accurate. This saves time – there is no downloading or uploading of pages! Fresh and timely information will help to attract visitors back to your site for current information.

The backend administration includes the ability to add text content, but also accommodates features such as sidebar widgets, blogs, forums, applications, news management and menus, all without the need of any web programming knowledge.

The content is stored separately from the design, so consistency of the design is preserved. CMS sites are database driven, which means you have the ability to create and store hundreds of pages, without the need to update each of them when simple changes are made.

Additionally, CMS programs by nature use the most modern and best practices for SEO management used by Google and other major search engines. Your SEO will automatically be improved.